Doctors in India prescribe medicine to cancer patients

Doctors in northern India are prescribing medicine to patients suffering from cancer.

They are using a device known as an ion pump, which pumps ions into the body.

This makes it possible to treat cancers in a way that has been previously difficult, according to an article published in The Hindu on Wednesday.

The article was conducted by Dr Shruti Singh, a specialist in cancer treatment at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai.

“We are using ion pumps to treat cancer patients.

In our experience, patients don’t need surgery to get rid of cancer,” Dr Singh told The Hindu.

“It’s a new way to treat the disease.

The device was developed to treat lung cancer and colon cancer and we are now getting feedback from our patients.”

The ion pump was developed by the Tata Nano Technology Pvt Ltd in the United States.

The company had developed the device in 2013.

The Indian device is made by a company called BioMedi in Hyderabad.

The device is not an injectable device and it has to be injected in the patient to be effective.

This allows doctors to control the dose.

“It’s like a pill, the dose depends on the size of the patient,” Dr Shri Ram said.

“If a small patient has a high blood pressure, the drug will take effect.

But if a large patient has high blood sugar, the patient might not be able to take the medication and we will have to administer the medicine through the tube, so we will also need to inject it through the vein,” he added.

The doctors in Hyderabadi are also getting feedback on the device.

Dr Shreya Mehta, a consultant surgeon, said that the ion pump can be used for cancer patients with blood vessels that are too narrow or too big.

“Our patients are usually suffering from the most common cancers such as melanoma, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and pancreatic cancer,” she said.

The patients have to take a daily dose of at least 30 millilitres of the ionizer, which can be injected into the vein to take effect at any time.