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source The Times of Israel title The Lad is back and better than ever!

article source Al Jazeera English title A life in a Lad article article source ABC News (AU) article article New Zealand’s top-selling newspaper, The Lad, is back with a fresh edition of its weekly digest.

The Lad has been published for the past two decades, and the latest issue is the best-selling paper in the country.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Michael Beaumont, says he thinks its circulation has doubled in the past year and that its readership has risen as well.

“The biggest thing for us is our readership,” he told The Times.

“I’ve been on the front page of every single edition of The Lad for 10 years, so I think the number of readers has gone up by about a third.”

He said The Lad was doing well because the newspaper had been able to deliver an engaging and informative look at health issues in a way that the other mainstream media outlets weren’t able to.

Beaumons claim that The Lad also has a bigger audience than the country’s main political parties.

“We do the politics.

We do the business of the government,” he said.

“There’s no other national newspaper that has that kind of reach.”

The Lad’s circulation has increased by more than 20% over the past three years, and Beaumon said the magazine had achieved a new level of editorial independence and independence from advertisers.

“When I first started this job, we did all our advertising through ad agencies,” he says.

“But when we were first starting out, we were not independent from the advertisers.

Now we are.”

Beaumount says The Lad had a very strong print run, but the magazine was a little bit less successful on the Internet.

“You have to be very careful about how you use the Internet,” he added.

“So if you use a lot of the Internet and you post too many things, then people might not find them, because the ads will be buried.

But you can’t use it all at once.

The internet is such a great medium to have, and The Lad really can use that.”

In terms of advertising, The Times also has become the biggest paper in New Zealand.

It is not surprising that Beaumonte says The Times is still doing well, because The Lad can afford to pay for advertising.

“It’s a very big investment, and it’s paid off.

We’re really happy with it,” he explains.

Beauseont says that he hopes The Lad will continue to grow, and that it will become the best selling paper in all of New Zealand by 2020.

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