‘Kindergartens’ stars make $400K in $1M contract for the show that will air in 2017


— In a bid to revitalize its show business and attract viewers to the TV network, Nickelodeon has signed a three-year deal to air the second season of the popular kids series Kindergartens.

The deal with Discovery Communications includes production costs, a distribution deal, a production company, and a pilot production, among other things.

The first season of Kindergartins had already been viewed by more than 1.2 million viewers in the U.S. and more than 300 million around the world, according to the show’s Facebook page.

This year, the show will return to MTV, with the series premiering in 2017.

“We are thrilled to have signed on with Discovery as we continue to build the brand and bring the kids’ series to new audiences,” said Tom Bensinger, executive producer and co-showrunner of the show.

The network has a number of other TV shows on the way, including a spinoff of the hit series The Simpsons called Big Moe.

Kindergarten will be the fourth season of a series that has aired for more than three decades.

It was created by Tom Bensen and Paul Scheer, who co-wrote the first five episodes and created the character Moe, the only member of the Simpson family that does not speak English.

In 2015, the series won a Golden Globe for best children’s program.