How to use the RTE API to get the latest news and advice from Andrea Martens

A physiotheracist has been using the RTV app to gather latest news, reviews and opinion.

Ms Martens, who has worked for the Met Office for seven years, is one of a growing number of medical professionals who are using the app to get access to all things RTE.

Ms Martinez said: “When we have a new job opening or if we have an issue with our insurance, we can use the app and we can get all the latest information.”

When we’re looking at things like heart attack risk, cancer, cancer treatments and so on, we’re getting a lot of information through RTE.

“The app uses your phone’s GPS location and a facial recognition system to give you up-to-the-minute information about the local area.

Ms Smith said it was great to be able to share with colleagues about the latest medical developments and advice.”

We get a lot from our colleagues when they are looking after patients,” she said.”

Our patients are looking out for us and we have to take their advice on everything from how to treat their heart condition to when they should be getting their heart attack checked.”RTE is also using the API to collect data about how people are using RTE apps, such as how often people visit RTE, which apps they are using and what their interests are.

The company is also working with other organisations, including local government, to improve the app.”

The fact that we can collect data, such a large amount of data, on how people use the apps, we really need to look at how to make that available to other health professionals as well,” Ms Smith said.