When the doctor prescribes a chiropractor, the last thing you want is a chiropractic practice in the middle of your own backyard

A chiropractor and a veterinarian have agreed to an undisclosed settlement over the use of a pet dog by a patient in a Melbourne home.

The incident in August this year involved an unidentified patient who had suffered a back injury in August 2016.

He sought medical advice after his pet dog, Lola, started to wag its tail around.

A spokeswoman for the New South Wales Veterinary Health Authority said the chiropractor was satisfied the pet was safe and had received a referral for a chiropodist.

She said the veterinarian had not had any complaints from the patient since the incident.

“It’s important to note the chiropodists training is in general use for dogs,” she said.

“We do not currently recommend this to be used in the home.”

The chiropractor who had treated the patient is not believed to have reported the incident to the Veterinary Health Authorities.

The patient had not been formally diagnosed with a medical condition and the chiropractors advice did not include an explanation for the behaviour.

The spokesperson said the VHA was reviewing its training policy.

“This is an ongoing investigation,” she added.

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