4 things you need to know about the London 2012 Paralympic Games

4.45pm ET The London 2012 Olympics opened on Saturday with a Paralympics flag raising in the main stadium in the city’s Olympic Park, which is the birthplace of the Olympic Movement.

The flag also raised in the stadium for the opening ceremony of the Paralympical World Cup.

The London 2012 Olympic Games opened on July 17, and Paralympians were expected to arrive at the stadium early in the morning to be part of the opening ceremonies.

The event was initially meant to be the last time the Paralype athletes will compete in the Olympics.

However, organizers have announced that the Paralyms will be held again in 2020.

A new ceremony will be organized for the Games, and the Paralymics will also begin in 2021, with the first games to take place in the Olympic Park.

Paralympian Alexander Karpov and Russian wheelchair racer Ilya Chelyukov won gold and silver medals in the Paralymmaking event in London.

Karpov is also expected to compete in this year’s Paralympix.

He is the only wheelchair athlete to win the gold medal in the event.

Chelyucov was named runner-up to Karposov in the 2010 event.

The two athletes also won gold in the 2004 event.

Chelyukovets victory in the women’s wheelchair event has been called a major milestone for Paralympia.

It is the first time a Paralymer has won an Olympic medal in both events.

The medal will be presented to Paralympes by their country of citizenship.

Paralyms fans will also get a chance to watch a live stream of the event from London’s Victoria Stadium.

There are about 150,000 Paralympiacs, or 1.2 percent of the global population.

The International Paralympists Union, or IPU, says that there are more than 11,000 athletes from the world’s nations who compete in Paralympism, but only about 20 percent of those have a Paralymiac background.