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ROSEVILLE, Idaho — It’s the same thing you might see in a horror movie: A dog with a gunshot wound to its head.

But the gunshot wound in Roseville, Idaho, was different.

The dog’s owner said it was the third time this month he shot and killed his pet.

The first time he shot the dog was on May 3.

His second time was May 9, and the third was May 18.

He said he got home from work and found the dog lying on the couch with the gun in his mouth.

Roseville Police Capt. Jeff Johnson said the bullet that hit the dog’s head came from a handgun that was legally owned by his mother and her boyfriend.

He said it took an hour to get the gun taken from the home.

The owner has filed a report with the Roseville Police Department, but it was under investigation.

He has been charged with felony murder and felony possession of a weapon, Johnson said.

He added that the dog may have been killed by the boyfriend because he has a history of mental health issues and the girlfriend said she thinks the boyfriend might have a gun.

The boyfriend and the boyfriend’s girlfriend have not been charged.