The real reasons why doctors are calling for an end to the occupation

Physiotherapists, nurses, dentists and optometrists are calling on Israel to stop its occupation of the West Bank, saying it violates international law.

The group of academics and medical experts, who were invited to speak at a meeting in Israel on Thursday, called for an independent investigation into the actions of the Israeli authorities.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israel have refused to negotiate over the occupied territories with the Palestinians.

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel would begin construction of two new settlements in the West Wall and East Jerusalem, which will have a combined population of about 1.8 million.

In a statement, the groups called on the international community to “demand that Israel cease its occupation.”

The Palestinian groups’ statement called for “the immediate cessation of the illegal settlements, the transfer of Palestinian land to Palestinian owners, the release of all prisoners, and the release from prison all those who were arrested and detained for non-violent political activities.”

“We call for an immediate end to Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and the restoration of full Palestinian sovereignty,” it added.

The international community has repeatedly condemned Israeli actions against the Palestinians and urged the two sides to “cease their occupation of Palestinian lands.”

The Palestinians have been in the Israeli-occupied territories since 1967, when a military victory by the Jewish state over Arab resistance.

Israel has occupied the West and East Gaza Strip since the 1967 war and the Gaza Strip was captured by Israel in the 2007 military offensive.

In December, the UN General Assembly approved the establishment of a special commission to investigate the conditions in the occupied West Bank and East, in what was considered a significant victory for the Palestinians, who say they were unfairly deprived of basic services.

The Palestinians also accuse Israel of violating the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 by imposing military rules in the areas it occupies.

The PA says the restrictions are necessary to prevent the spread of weapons, drugs and other weapons of mass destruction.

The two sides have agreed to an end-of-year ceasefire in Gaza, but Israel says the truce must be extended until the completion of the final withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Gaza strip, which is due to be complete in January.

The UN said on Wednesday that it was not aware of any agreement on ending the blockade of Gaza, adding that the Palestinian Authority “has not received any response to the ceasefire proposal.”