Man’s suicide: He sought help from nurse but got nowhere

In March 2018, a 31-year-old physiotherapist at a private hospital in the city of Kolkata committed suicide by hanging himself.

His death triggered nationwide protests.

He was reportedly a regular at the hospital.

Kalyan Srivastava, who is a registered nurse, was in charge of his care at the time of his death.

The next day, he received a call from his daughter, who said the nurse was working late and that she had called his parents to ask them to help her.

When she returned, she told her that she needed to leave the hospital, and asked Srivasta for a call.

She said he had told her to call his parents, and he would call back when he got there.

The nurse did not respond.

The daughter later asked Sravasta to contact the police, but she said she had no time.

“I have not done anything wrong,” Srivas said.

Sravastava said he went to the hospital and found the patient hanging himself on the ward.

Srivasa was later told that the patient had died after he did not get his prescription filled for two days.

A week later, Sriva was called by the nurse’s daughter.

He said he was called and told that a doctor at the private hospital was at the front of the building to meet with him.

The doctor said that the nurse had called him to tell him about the patient’s condition and said that he could take care of the patient until the patient got his medication.

Sivastava told the doctor that he would come and pick him up and would take him to the private ward.

When the doctor arrived, Srava said he did nothing wrong.

The same day, the patient died.

The case has sparked a debate over how private hospitals should handle patients who have been referred to them by relatives.

The hospital has been criticised for not providing proper care.