Sarah Wilson: I don’t want to see my husband die

Sarah Wilton has revealed that she doesn’t want her husband to die, after his tragic death from COVID-19 in January.

“I do not want to hear that we are going to die,” Wilson told BBC Radio 5 live.

“But I want to be able to see him [in my dreams].”

Wilson is a physiotherapist and is currently in Australia.

She spoke to her husband during his first 24 hours in hospital, telling him: “I want you to be fine.”

Wilson, who also has a son, is not the first person to publicly discuss the thought of her husband dying.

“I think that it’s really sad, I think it’s tragic,” Wilton said.

“He had so many health issues, I feel like, and his last days were his last few hours.”

Wilton has also been an outspoken supporter of the government’s stance on COVID, describing it as a “great idea”.

“The Government has a great idea, which is really fantastic,” she said.

“It’s going to save lives.

I don, I don. “

People are going, ‘Well, what is the alternative?’

I don, I don.

I don-I don’t think so.”

Wilston said that she would continue to support the government in its battle against the coronavirus, but also expressed her concerns about the country’s mental health system.

“It’s really tough to be a woman in the world, because you have to be in the top one percent of men,” Wilston said.

“So I think if we don’t do something about it, then we will lose all the people we need in the future.”

Wilsey was diagnosed with COVID at the age of 27, and underwent a number of tests before being diagnosed with the virus, which had only recently been identified.

She underwent a full course of antibiotics for the infection, but she has since been unable to work.

Wilson said that her husband has had his fair share of setbacks in his life, but that they have made up for some of the bad times.

He also has three children from his previous marriage, but her relationship with her husband is the most important.

Wilsey said that while she wishes she could spend more time with her family, she has to focus on her work.

“My wife and I are very close,” she explained.

“We have a wonderful family, and I feel very lucky to be here and have the best job in the country.”

Wil Smith is one of the stars of the new drama ‘Pillow Talk’, about the mental health struggles of people struggling with mental illness.

Wilton is currently the co-host of ITV’s ‘Pulse’ and was previously the host of the popular daytime talk show ‘The Big Questions’.