‘I’ll just be a little bit of a slut’: Man pleads guilty to sex crime with underage woman

The mother of a 14-year-old boy accused of raping a 14 year old girl has pleaded guilty to a felony charge in the case.

Ricky Reeve was arrested on May 26 after the girl went to him with a complaint about an alleged assault at a house in Lutz, California.

Reeve was initially charged with first-degree rape but prosecutors later dropped that charge.

He’s now awaiting trial, and his lawyer says he is innocent.

He was not present at the hearing.

The girl told the Lutz Police Department she and her mother went to Reeve’s home after she and another girl reported a possible assault.

She says Reeve took them to a house where they found the victim, who was intoxicated.

According to prosecutors, the girl told Reeve she had sex with Reeve.

When she asked him to stop, Reeve said he would tell her that if she said so.

The victim’s mother contacted the Lutts Police Department, and the incident was reported to the sheriff’s office.

A deputy on the scene determined the victim had been assaulted, but Reeve wasn’t arrested until May 31, more than three months later.

A judge sentenced Reeve to four years probation, but his lawyer said the plea agreement is good enough for him to avoid jail time.

He said he’s confident he’ll get the sentence he deserves.