Why you should take Kay Copeland’s new book, ‘The Best Physiotherapist in the World’ for your doctorate: the short version

When you’re a first-year medical student at a hospital, you’re expected to be in the room every day for six weeks.

But what happens when the hospital has to cut short your schedule because the patient you’re caring for is suffering a terminal illness?

In this case, it was Kay Copelton, who took on a job in a hospice at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

She’d been working there for nine years, working in the care of two elderly patients, and she knew a lot about how the system worked.

Kay’s new autobiography, “The Best Physical Therapist in The World”, is about how she took on the role at the RAC hospice and became the only physical therapist in the country.

It’s a fascinating read and a fascinating story.

In this interview, Kay shares how her experience working at the hospice was different to most, how she got into the role, and how she’s now the only one in Australia working in this area.

In this book, Kay is also talking about the impact of the pandemic on her work, the challenges of running a hospices hospice, and the importance of keeping physical therapy relevant in the 21st century.