Why Andrew Waldie is the best fullback in the world

The West Indies captain Andrew Waldies a great talent, one that we could see more often in the World Cup.

His work rate and technical ability were not as outstanding as others of his generation.

But when he is on form he is always at the top of the scoreboard, notching up his second century of the tournament, the fifth of his career.

His contribution to the win over England in Perth was not only the first half in which he did not bat, but the second half in the process, when he made an incredible catch of a loose ball that was only half a yard wide of the crease.

His catch in the final minutes of the game also made the scoreline, with the ball bouncing on the ground.

Wickets from Waldies’ five tries in the match were the second most in the competition, and he scored his second of the World T20 against New Zealand on his debut in a Test.

The former captain of West Indies has had a good year, and is the only player in the field of 15 to have scored more tries this tournament, and the only one to have also had the second-most runs.

Waldies is now looking forward to the World Cups final against South Africa, which begins in Sydney on August 3.

The 26-year-old was the first player to break into Test cricket after the 2012 World Cup, and had an impressive 2015 season.

His batting was spot-on, and in a world where most players are now expected to have an elite body of work, he has had the most impact on the way he plays.