How to be a “better person” in the workplace

How to become a better person in the workforce and in your career?

With a bit of help from a friend or colleague, a lot of people.

Read more: Pete Campbell, who runs the Paddles Blog and who is a great resource for people who want to learn more about how to be better in the professional environment, is on the list.

“When it comes to leadership, there is no magic wand.

I have found that there are 4 key things that can help you become a great leader in the future: a deep understanding of the business and its needs; a passion for the craft and its craftiness; a sense of humour; and a willingness to share that passion with others.

If you have these characteristics, then you will be able to become one of the best leaders you can be,” he wrote in his post. 

Paddles founder Pete Campbell has been teaching for the past 20 years.

Read more about Pete Campbell: “If you can learn to be good at what you do, then the world will be a better place for you.

And if you can become a good leader, it will also help you as a person to do what you love in your professional life.”

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