How Donald Trump’s controversial comments on the VA affected his approval rating

The President of the United States has a reputation for making bigoted statements.

But a new poll from Quinnipiac University found that his approval ratings have improved significantly in the past week.

Trump has been at the center of controversy this week after he suggested that some veterans have “bad hearts” and is not a hero.

The president has also made disparaging comments about people with disabilities and even mocked Sen. Joe Manchin Joe Manish ManchinFord attorney: We won’t stop talking about Kavanaugh until we see evidence of concrete collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia The Hill’s Morning Report — Senate Judiciary panel to vote on Kavanaugh Kavanaugh nomination MORE (D-W.

Va.), the top Democrat on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, for being an old white man with a weak back.

“I know the senator, but he’s a weak person,” Trump said Thursday in Iowa.

“He’s weak, he’s weak.

It’s like he’s been through a lot of stuff.”

The poll also found that 59 percent of Trump voters say they’re more likely to support him if he can “make a good impression” as president.

That number has risen from 37 percent who say they would support him even if he did not do well in the polls.

And 62 percent of those who support Trump say they view him favorably.

In a similar poll last week, 50 percent of Republicans said they would back Trump if he were to win the White House.

But the poll also finds that voters are less inclined to support Trump if the former president is a white man.

A majority of voters in the poll said they disapprove of the job Trump is doing as president, with only 34 percent of respondents saying they would give him the benefit of the doubt.

Another 41 percent said they could give him a pass because he was a white male.

The poll comes as the president and his allies are trying to salvage their image after a week of scandal, as the Senate committee prepares to vote next week on his nomination to run the Veterans Affairs Department.

“The problem that I think has emerged, which I think is very important, is that the President is not being as honest about the situation as he should be,” said Democratic pollster Doug Heye.

“There is a perception that he’s not honest about what is going on.

He’s not being truthful.”

The Quinnipac poll was conducted on Monday and Tuesday of this week and found that 46 percent of Democrats surveyed said they were less likely to back the President if he was not white, compared with 36 percent who said they support him.

“He’s not doing as well as we expected,” Heye said.

“We expect him to be in a stronger position in the Senate, but it is a question of whether he can make the case for his leadership.”

The President also faces the challenge of dealing with the fact that he is unpopular with a majority of the country, including in battleground states like Ohio and Pennsylvania.

“If you’re looking at a president who is perceived as divisive and a divisive leader, it’s hard to build support for him,” He Ye said.