Why you’re probably not doing enough to keep your bones in good condition

A new study finds that older adults in Britain are spending less time in the gym and more time sitting on the couch than their peers in other developed countries.

A survey of more than 4,000 people aged over 65 in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland found that the average Briton spends less than 10 hours a week at the gym, compared with about 20 hours for older people in the US and Canada.

The study also found that older Britons are spending more time in front of the TV watching a television programme than younger people.

The average Brito spends more time on the sofa watching television than doing activities like playing tennis or watching TVA spokesperson for the Royal College of Nursing said: “It’s been known for some time that older people are spending a lot of time sitting in front to watch TV or play video games.”

But now it seems that this may be a little bit of a misperception.

“The RCP said the study was “very surprising”.

The RRC said that the lack of physical activity is linked to higher levels of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and depression.

It said the findings suggested that “younger adults, particularly in the UK, may be getting a bad deal from physical activity”.

But Dr Paul Sargent, a cardiologist and professor of medicine at King’s College London, said: “[The study] doesn’t mean that people should stop going to the gym or don’t do any exercise.”

The Royal College said the data had not been fully explained.

It said: “”It’s a really big gap between older people and young people, and it’s not surprising that young people are less active than older people.”

It’s probably a little too simplistic to say that people who don’t exercise are lazy, and that’s just not true.

“The spokesperson added that “physical activity is not the only thing that people can do to help them feel good and feel good about themselves”.