Derek Fletcher scores a try in Gold Coast’s NRL win over Gold Coast Eagles

On this day in 1966, Australia’s first NRL premiership team was born.

With a few years’ experience under their belts, the Gold Coast Rebels set a new standard in the competition.

On this occasion, the new side came into the contest having never lost in two years.

The game would be won on the last play of the first half.

The Rebels would win the contest, 38-21, and take the series 3-1.

A little more than a month later, the NSW Waratahs would go into Sydney Harbour for the first time in six years.

They would lose that match, 29-25.

But it would be the next game the two sides would meet in the first game of the season, a contest which was won by the Rebels by seven points.

Two days later, in the opening game of what would be an unforgettable season, the Western Force would lose by 22 points.

It was a game which would mark the beginning of a new era in Australia.

That year would be called the Waratah/Force Era.

It would also see the birth of one of the most enduring Australian teams in history, the Sydney Roosters.

The Waratas were also among the first teams to introduce a new ball for their game.

They had the ball called the “Waratah”.

In their first game, in Round 4, 1959, the Rebels would take on the Roostas, and would lose the first two games.

The following year, the Roosterbacks would win three straight games, defeating the Warats and then the Rebels.

This was followed by a four-game winning streak to go into the 1962 season.

In 1963, the WarATahs would finish second in the West and win the West Shield.

However, it was the Blues that would dominate the competition in the following year.

They were the only team in the world to win the competition, beating the Warahs and then another Force.

After a five-game losing streak in 1964, the Blues won five straight games to reach the finals.

The next year, they were defeated by the War at Sydney Stadium, but would then advance to the semi-finals against the Cowboys.

In the final, they faced the Warriors, and in the second half, would beat the Cowboys, and then win by 31 points.

A year later, they would go on to win another grand final against the Dragons.

In 1965, the West was up again, and the Blues had to win four of their final five games to secure a place in the grand final.

The Dragons would win a game to take the title, and after a tiebreaker game, the Tigers would win by a point to claim the title.

However the Blues were beaten in the final by the Bulldogs, and ended up finishing in fourth place, behind the Dragons and the Titans.

This year, it would all come to an end.

The Blues would be eliminated in the Grand Final by the Dragons, but a few weeks later, their greatest ever performance would see them reach the grand finals, defeating both the Tigers and the Broncos.

The first ever grand final between two NRL clubs was held in Sydney in 1966.

It is a match which will always be remembered as one of great rugby league history.

The two teams met in the finals of the 1967 season, with the Blues winning the match, 24-23.

However in the next round, they lost by six points to the Cowboys and the Bulldogs.

The Storm were the dominant force of the competition throughout the 1967-68 season, and were a force to be reckoned with.

In 1969, the Storm had their greatest triumph in history in their first ever game against the Western Bulldogs.

They defeated the Bulldogs by 13 points, with Josh Morris and the Storm winning by eight points.

In 1970, they had a great season, winning the grand-final, 16-8.

In 1971, they defeated the Cowboys for the grand grand final title, but then lost to the Bulldogs in the last game of their season.

The 1976 season saw the two teams again meet in a grand final, this time in the Brisbane Stampede.

They lost by three points to a side that had won two straight grand finals.

In 1977, the Stamps were champions, and again defeated the Storm by 16 points.

However it would prove to be the year the Stampedes finally lost to their rivals, the Raiders.

In 1978, the game was a very tight affair.

The Raiders were unbeaten, having defeated the Steeds by 14 points, but were beaten by the Stumpers by 13.

The Stamps would go down to defeat again in the 1980s.

In 1982, the two clubs again met, this year in Sydney.

The Tigers had their best ever season in the game, winning two of their last three games.

However this time, they trailed