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Today’s headlines News headlines News ANAHEIM, Germany (AP) It’s been nearly four years since her son died of an opioid overdose, but a German doctor says she’s never felt better.

Dr. Eva Jeltsch said she was ready to give up her job as a nursing assistant to become a physiotherapy doctor, where she would help patients overcome their addiction.

Jeltsche said she had a lot of doubts when she first started to practice.

She felt she needed to start all over again.

But a year ago, she was able to see her son, who was 16 at the time, again.

He was alive when she arrived at the hospice.

“I thought, ‘I am a little tired, but I have to go do this,'” she said.

Now, Jeltz is working with a large group of people who have lost a loved one to opioid overdoses.

Jelsch said that when she was in her late 30s, she didn’t have the same job security that others did.

So she started a support group for women who had lost their spouses or children to opioids.

“It was really hard to cope,” she said, “because I had never done this before.”

Now, she’s trying to change that, and it has paid off.

Her son is living with her and she’s able to work from home.

The group has grown to more than 20 people and she plans to open a practice in the next two years.

Jelzsch said she feels like she’s become a new person.JELTSCH: You have a whole new way of looking at things.

She’s the only person in the world who’s doing this, she said to the crowd.JALTSCH has received support from her employer, the German National Health Service, but Jelitz said she still doesn’t feel comfortable being public about her experience.

“My colleagues know what I did.

But when I tell them, they think it’s so strange,” she told The Associated Press.JELSCH: I am a woman who lost my son because of the use of opioids.

JALTSch has told her story to the German public, including to the police and the Federal Ministry of Justice.

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