Fiona Rogers, Physiotherapist, in Vishrantwar in Kerala says there are too many cases of women being abused

Anirban Sen, a social worker from the city of Guntur in Kerala, said that women who work as physiotherapists were often harassed by men, often after coming into contact with the patients, who were often the victims of domestic violence.

“There are too few cases of abuse in the profession, but I have witnessed cases of some women being attacked in the workplace,” Sen said.

He said that the lack of protection for women in the state, where nearly half the women work, has made them vulnerable to being harassed.

“They (the women) are vulnerable because they are not treated with respect and they are victims of crime,” he said.

Sen said that he is hoping that the Kerala government will enact a law against domestic violence, and also provide safe spaces for women to stay and work in their professions.

“It is very important to provide women access to safety.

There is a need to change this situation in the society and I am hoping that this is happening in the next few years,” he added.