Which nurse is the best for you?

LISA CARR: I’m a nurse.

JOHN FLOOD: You’re a physiotherapist.

LISA: My parents are a bit of a pushover.

I’ve always loved a challenge.

JOHN: And you’re always the first to say, I’ll try.

LISSA: It’s a really big deal.

I think you should feel comfortable when you go in and get yourself checked out.

You don’t have to rush, you don’t need to panic.

You just need to calm down and think, okay, this is something I can handle.

And if you can, it can really help.

It’s important to remember, there’s no right or wrong answer, you’re going to have a tough time, but I think a nurse can be helpful.

JOHN (laughing): She can be really helpful.

LIZANNE CARR (physician): Oh, I’m so glad you liked it.

It makes you feel good, because it’s a lot of work.

JOHN I’ve seen some of the nurses.

I’m not saying they’re all bad, I just know that some of them are.

They can be a little tricky.

LISSA: You can see how a lot the nurses look like.

JOHN They’re really nice.

They look like nurses.

LASRA: I just love how she looks at me.

She’s just really caring and professional, and it’s really nice to see that, because she doesn’t just say, “Hey, what are you doing today?”

LISA (laugh): She looks at you like, what?

I know, you can tell by her eyes.

LESA: And it’s nice to be able to get a nurse on the phone.

JOHN There are times I just get sick, like when I’m having a stroke.

I just feel sick.

LESSA: You don?t want to be a walking reminder of that.

I know it can be hard to find people who are there for you when you need them.

You know what I mean?

LIS: Yes.

LIVING WITH DADDY AND KEVIN CARR This is a story about the relationship between a mother and her teenage daughter.

They are living in a tiny house in a small town.

DADDYY: It was just an amazing thing.

It was my birthday, so it was like, this was like a party for me.

KEVY: They are in a very small town in Ohio, so they can barely afford it.

KJ: I mean, this has always been my dream to go to college.

They both love to be on the road.

LABOR, BUSINESS AND DEVELOPMENT LISA CARR AND HER LOVELY MOTHER, KEVIE: I can’t imagine life without our little daughter, who we’re very grateful for and who we can’t even imagine.

And I can imagine her as a grown woman and she can be the best mom ever.

LOUIS: This is what makes this job so rewarding.

It doesn’t take long to see how they develop into really strong, confident women.

JOHN AND JONATHAN CARR, LIVED IN THEIR LESSONS’ OWN HOME (1.50): I’ve just had this incredible feeling of accomplishment, just so lucky to be here.

I mean it’s not like we had this choice to be where we are, so to have these two amazing young women who love each other so much, it’s just like, wow, they’re going places together.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, SEPTEMBER 2017 LISA’S CAREER: I work in the emergency room.

JOHN’S LIVEATERS: We’ve got a very strong group of nurses.

Theres not a lot in the way of nursing-related jobs in my field, but we have a few.

LITERATURE: The Nurses Association of California, a trade association, lists more than 3,000 nurse positions in California.

How to Be Physically Active in the Middle of the Night (Part 2)

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