How to become a physiotherapists school nurse

New York’s first physiotherapeutic school nurse is stepping into the classroom to give children an education on the art of physiotherapy.

Jules Holt, 41, has been a physiotherapy teacher in the Bronx since 2009 and her job involves caring for kids from preschool through senior year.

Her new job is a full-time position that requires her to take care of patients in the classroom.

Holt said her training started at age five and it’s been a lifelong dream of hers.

The first time I went to a physiology class, my mother was the one who took me to the class,” Holt said.”

She would say, ‘You have to be good.

You have to learn to play the piano, the piano.’

She was right.

“Holt began her teaching career as a piano teacher in New York City and after completing a residency in pediatrics in Connecticut, she moved to New York.

She said the new role will be a “significant” one for her, adding she has the opportunity to serve more than one school district and to be a role model to other children and parents.

Hole has a passion for the field of physiotherapy and said she is looking forward to being a role models for other children.”

I want to be able to bring that knowledge to other students and parents, and I want to teach them how to be their best selves,” Holt told NBC News.

She added that she will be teaching a new class on Saturday, which will be her first time teaching.”

Physiotherapy is a huge field.

We’re just trying to learn as much as we can about it and I think that is really important,” Holt added.

Halee, the first female physiotheraion school nurse in New England, said she believes the profession has a lot of potential and has the right people behind it.”

There’s a lot to learn in physiotherapy and we’re all really excited about it,” Halee said.