How to make your own brain scan for Alzheimer’s?

A neurosurgeon at Melbourne’s Royal Melbourne Hospital has developed a brain scan that allows doctors to analyse the brain’s activity to detect the onset of dementia, and help determine when and how to intervene.

Dr Adam Meakins said the technology could eventually lead to a cheaper and more accurate treatment of the condition.

“It is one of the first brain scans that can be used for Alzheimer, so we are very excited about that,” he said.

“We will be able to detect when someone is at risk of developing dementia, or if they are at risk for other diseases.”

The brain scans can tell you whether they are a high risk for developing dementia or a low risk.

“The first of Meakens three-person team is currently training to provide cognitive assessments for people with dementia.”

This is a very exciting technology, so it’s exciting to be able take it to the next level and actually take this technology to people,” he added.”

I think that the next generation of neurosurgeons will really benefit from this technology because it can give them a very quick and accurate diagnosis.

So if someone has a very slow-moving motor impairment and the brain scans show that there is an increase in blood flow, then that could be a cause of dementia.””

We can potentially use it to make a diagnosis in as little as five minutes,” he explained.

“So if someone has a very slow-moving motor impairment and the brain scans show that there is an increase in blood flow, then that could be a cause of dementia.”

The scan can also be used to test the quality of a person’s memory, as well as to check whether the person has a brain tumour or is suffering from dementia.

He said it was not yet clear how the technology would work with other diagnostic tests, but that it was designed to help detect early dementia.

The Australian Brain Tumor Centre in Adelaide is working with the university to develop a version of the technology, but Dr Meakis said the scans would be used only in conjunction with other existing tests.

“With the Alzheimer’s scan, we are not going to look at a patient’s cognitive functioning, we’re not going the Alzheimer scan in the first place, and that’s a problem,” he told

“But if you have an MRI or a PET scan, it’s very useful to see if you are at increased brain tumor risk.”

Dr Amato said the researchers were also looking at the use of the scan in other areas of medicine, such as in diagnosis of depression, to determine when to treat the condition, and when to stop taking the drug.

“That’s one of our areas of work right now, where we’re going to be looking at how do we get into a more accurate and more reliable way to diagnose people, so that we can identify those at increased risks and help those at risk,” he noted.

Dr Meakin said the scan was not a cure for dementia, but it could help in the treatment of patients who have progressed to the stage of dementia.

How to stop your children from smoking

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about a new study that showed children with a history of tobacco use had more severe COPD.

But a new review of the study’s results finds a connection between the two.

As the Washington Post reports, the study was published last week in the Journal of Pediatrics and the researchers say they are still unsure how it could have been so widely misinterpreted.

In an accompanying editorial, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania say that their analysis found that kids who were more likely to smoke were more than twice as likely to develop COPD, the deadly lung disease.

The study also found that children who smoke had significantly higher odds of developing COPD later in life.

“We believe that the association between tobacco smoking and COPD was most likely driven by confounding,” the researchers wrote in the journal Pediatrics.

In other words, the researchers were unable to control for confounding factors such as family history of COPD and diet.

And while they say the findings should be taken with a grain of salt, they also say the study “suggests that COPD is not a one-size-fits-all disease.”

If you or anyone you know has any type of chronic health condition, or you know someone who has one, don’t let anyone tell you that you have to avoid tobacco.

Keep it in moderation.

“We think that most people should continue to smoke because it does no harm to you, but the people who smoke more are actually more likely,” Dr. Richard Reiter, the lead author of the paper and an assistant professor of medicine at the University at Buffalo, told the Buffalo News.

Leah Purcell’s New Podcast Is About Your Body

LEAH PURCIFER: “What does it mean to be in love?

To be in a relationship?

To have children?

To get married?

To not get married?”

When I first started my career as a nurse, I did it to help people, to help patients.

I was just trying to help them and to make a difference.

But I was so focused on my job.

So when I started working as a podiatrist, I was like, “OK, I can do this.”

And then I became a mother of three, and I’ve been a mom of three for 10 years.

It’s been a crazy ride.

And I love it.

I love my job, I love what I’m doing.

I’m excited to see what the next chapter is.

I have to give my all.

It takes me forever to do anything.

And then when I’m done, I’m going to retire.

And when I get older, I will be really proud of what I’ve done.


That’s my motto.

That’s who I am.

And the next thing you know, I’ll be back as a parent.

So that’s what it’s about.

And, yeah, my philosophy is that if you have a passion, you just do it.

It’ll happen.

It will happen.

I’ve just never been in a situation where I’ve felt like I didn’t need to do it, that I needed to take care of my body and my family.

And if you’re in a position where you need to take action and do something, do it!

I just love being a parent and being a nurse and helping people.

And that’s my whole thing.

And so that’s the whole reason I’m here.

You know, we’ve got to be on the lookout for a new generation.

I think that’s a huge opportunity.


And I’m not going to stop there.

I just want to continue to be involved with what’s happening in the world.

I want to help other people and give back.

I don’t think it’s just about me anymore.

I can’t stop, I don�t think I can stop.

[Long pause.]

I want people to take a look at me.

I hope people see me as a different person.

And hopefully we can all take a little step forward.

[Audience cheers.]

So thank you. I know we�re all just getting started. And there�s lots more to come.

I�ve got a lot more to say about a lot of topics, but first of all, I�m just happy to have you on my show.

And you can watch it on my website.

I look forward to having you with me.


It�s going to be fun.

And just one last thing.

My sister, my daughter, and my husband are moving to Washington, D.C. We�re moving here from Chicago.

I live with them and they�re going to live with me in New York City.

They�re my friends.

They love me.

So thank, thank you, and thanks for being with us.

[Proudly] Thank you.